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Small Steps to Good Actions

Quick and easy deeds earning us great rewards!

By Mawlana Junayd Makda Sahib

Du'a for Safety from Jahannam

Tahajjud Salah

Salatul Awwabeen

A Treasure from Jannah

Two verses to read at night

Dua of 70,000 angels!

Virtues of Praying in the Masjid

Reward like Hajj and Umrah!

The Benefits of Sleeping with Wudhu

Special Words for Morning and Evening

Rewards for loving one another to please Allah

Benefits of Reading Surah Kahf

Benefits of Reading Surah Mulk

Reward to tire 70 Angels for 1000 days

Benefits of Reading Surah Yaseen

How to untie the knots of shaytan

Virtues of Ilm (Knowledge)

A dua to read if our eyes open during the night!

Istighfaar and it's many benefits!

The Verse of Honour!

A Short Surah with Great Rewards!!

Sadaqah - Spending and earning rewards!

Great Rewards for performing wudhu!

Great Reward for simple words!

There is always more blessings in sharing with others

The Amazing way to greet one another

Best Words to thank others!

The reward for listening and answering to the call of prayer

There is reward even removing an obstacle from the path

A tasbeeh to be read after every salaah

The amazing benefit of reading Ayatul Kursi after every fardh salaah.

There is reward even for just waiting for the next salaah

Earn a million rewards in a few seconds!

Lots of rewards just by reciting a few letters of the...

A Very Special Action we can do after Wudhu!