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Which day should I perform Salaah?

By Mawlana Junayd Makda Sahib

Which day should I perform Salaah?

Sufyaan was a young boy wh o lived with his family in a cozy home right next to the masjid. Five times a day he would hear the beautiful Adhan and see people walking past his house to visit the masjid for Salah. However, Sufyaan was always too busy and made no time for any Salaah.

He had school work to do, fun games to play, friends to visit and snacks to eat. He did think about Salaah from time to time but he always thought he was still little and will perform all his Salah when he was older.

One day, he thought of a wonderful idea. ‘Why don’t I find out which day is the best day of the week and make sure I perform all my Salaah on that day!’ This way he would perform Salah on that special day and could relax and have fun on the other days. He was really pleased with himself for coming up with this very smart idea!

Sufyaan rushed over to ask his grandad. ‘Grandad, which is the best day for me to perform my five daily Salah?’.

‘My dear Sufyaan, That is an interesting question!’ grandad smiled and replied. ‘The best day to perform all your Salah is the day before you die…’

Sufyaan was confused. ‘But grandad how do we know what day that is?’

‘Exactly my dear son! We don’t know, so young or old, we all have to treat every day as our last and pray to Allah and work to please Him every single day.’

This was an amazing lesson for Sufyaan and something he carried through for the rest of his life in every action he did.


Death is something guaranteed and we know it will come one day to all of us but the time of death is hidden from us. Shaytan always makes us think we have a long life ahead of us, when in fact death can come at anytime. So a wise person will always stay prepared and do as many good actions as possible and not wait for old age or illness.

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