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A House in Jannah for just Twelve Raka’at

A House in Jannah for just Twelve Rak'at!

In this world a person has to work many years, save up and then he maybe able to afford a house. Even this, he will have to look around and find something which is affordable.

The houses of Jannah are far more superior to even the best houses in this world. So imagine how hard a person would have to work to get one house?

Well, in a Hadeeth we learn it is actually very easy to get a house in Jannah! All a person has to do is perform 12 Rak’at of Salah daily which are as follows:

2 Rak’at before the Fardh of Fajr Salah
4 Rak’at before the Fardh of Zuhr Salah
2 Rak’at after the Fardh of Zuhr Salah
2 Rak’at after the Fardh of Maghrib Salah
2 Rak’at after the Fardh of Isha Salah

These 12 Rak’at are known as sunnah muakkadah (the emphasised Sunnah which our beloved Nabi ﷺ very rarely left out.)

Note: Due to the importance placed on these Sunnah, missing them without a valid reason will result in a person being sinful. So we must pay special attention to these Salah.

Our beloved Nabi ﷺ said:

“Whoever performs twelve Rak’ah a day and night, Allah (Ta’ala) will build for him a house in Paradise.” (Tirmidhi, Nasai)

Action plan:

1) Go early to the masjid ideally before Adhan.

2) Listen to the Adhan and reply to the Adhan and thereafter read the Du’a for after Adhan. (read here to learn more)

3) Thereafter, depending on the Salah, perform the Salah as mentioned above either before or after the Fardh Salah.

4) Ensure to join the congregation for the Fardh Salah from the start.

Insha’allah by doing this, Allah Ta’ala will reward us with a spectacular house in Jannah which we can only imagine to be a huge Palace!

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