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10 Rewards for every letter!

10 Rewards For Every Letter!

We all want lots of rewards for the good actions we do. A very quick and easy way to get lots of rewards is by reciting the Glorious Quran.

Our beloved Nabi has told us that for every letter we read in from the Glorious Quran we get 10 rewards.

Yes, 10 rewards for every LETTER !

Let us look at this hadeeth of our beloved Nabi ﷺ:

“Whoever recites a letter from the Book of Allah, he will receive a hasanah (good deed) for it, and the hasanah is multiplied (times) by ten. I do not say that Alif Lam Mim is one letter, but rather Alif is a letter, Lam is a letter, and Mim is a letter.”


So the next time you’re reading the Glorious Quran:

1.) Count the number of letters in one line.

2.) Times it by 10 (a trick to do this is just add a zero!) So if there are 20 letters in a line, it will mean 200 rewards)

3.) Let’s make it more interesting.. Count how many letters in one page and do the zero trick from above.. That’s how many rewards for just reading one page.

The rewards just keep increasing!

That’s not all, there is nothing more beloved to Allah Ta’ala than the Glorious Qur’an. So reading the Glorious Qur’an will obviously be very dear to Allah Ta’ala.

Start reading and earning rewards!

Imam ‘Abdullah ibn Imam Ahmad ibn Hambal (rahimahumallah) says: “I heard my father (rahimahullah) say: ‘I saw Allah in a dream and asked, ‘O My Rabb! What is the best [deed] that those seeking proximity to You may carry out?’. He replied, ‘Through My Speech [i.e. The Quran] O Ahmad.’ I asked, ‘O My Rabb! [Does it have to be recited] with understanding or without understanding [to attain this virtue].’ Allah ‘Azza wa Jalla replied, ‘With understanding or without.’”

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