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Six Deeds which Guarantee Jannah!

The Six Deeds which Guarantee Jannah!

Every person has a wish to enter Jannah and for this we all try to do good actions through which we can please Allah Ta’ala and earn a place in Jannah.

There is one Hadeeth in which our amazing Nabi ﷺ has shared six deeds with us which are so special that they will guarantee a place in Jannah!

Amazing right?! Let’s quickly learn what these six deeds are and start practicing them.

The Six Deeds which Guarantee Jannah!

1) Be truthful when you speak
2) Keep your promises when you make them
3) Fulfil trusts when you are entrusted
4) Safeguard your chastity
5) Lower your gaze
6) Withhold your hands from hurting others

Our beloved Nabi ﷺ said,

“Guarantee for me six deeds and I will guarantee for you Paradise: Be truthful when you speak, keep your promises when you make them, fulfil the trust when you are trusted, guard your chastity, lower your gaze, and restrain your hands (from harming others).” (Ahmad)

Let’s briefly look at each one and learn a little about it

– To always speak truthfully
– To never lie
– Not to hold back any truth

– To make sure to keep all our promises
– Breaking a promise intentionally is a sign of a hypocrite
– To only make a promise if we are sure we can fulfil it
– Not to make a promise which is will displease Allah ta’ala.

– To be mindful of a trust when we are entrusted
– Every discussion that takes place is a trust and cannot be shared without permission.
– Not to betray anyone’s trust even if they have betrayed us

– To safeguard and conceal our private parts
– To not fulfil or have man and woman relationships out of marriage
– To make sure our satr is covered at all times.
– To make sure we do not look towards other peoples satr
– To safeguard our private parts
– To protect one’s chastity through halal means buy getting married.

– To control the gaze from looking at Haram
– To not look at the opposite gender unless they are Mahram (like brothers and sisters etc)

– To not cause harm or inconvenience to others in anyway or form
– To not cause harm to Muslims and non Muslims alike
– To not cause harm to any animal

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