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Concern for the Actions of others

Imam An Nakha’ee’s rahimahullah concern for the actions of others

Lived from: 50 AH to 96 AH

Imam Nakha’ee rahimahullah was a prominent Tabi’ee who lived during the 1st century of Islam. He is famous and very respected for his in-depth knowledge on Fiqh and Hadeeth. His narrations are recorded within all six of the famous books of Hadeeth.

The following is an example of his amazing understanding of Deen and his worry for others.

One day the great Imam and his student Sulayman ibn Mahran were walking together towards the Masjid.

Imam Nakha’ee rahimahullah was one-eyed and his student Sulayman rahimahullah was A’mash (he could not see very well at night).

Imam Nakha’ee rahimahullah said:

“O Sulayman! You take one route to the Masjid, and I will take a different route. There are people with weak minds ahead, and I am afraid if they saw us walking together that they might say:
‘A one-eyed man is walking with a weak-sighted man.’ They will (therefore) backbite us and be sinful.”

Imam A’mash rahimahullah said:
“Why do you care? If (they back bite is) we gain a reward and they earn a sin?!”

Imam Nakha’ee rahimahullah said: “Subhanallah! It would be better if they came out safe of sin (and we gain no reward), than we gain reward, and they are sinful.”

Subhanallah what amazing thinking!

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