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Etiquettes of Meeting Others

Etiquettes of Meeting Others

Some etiquettes to remember when meeting others:

1) Be careful not to backbite about anyone as backbiting is haram. It has been described in the Qur’an as eating your dead brother’s flesh.

2) Ensure to mention and remember Allah Ta’aala as often as possible in your gatherings. By doing this Allah Ta’aala will remember us in a better gathering (The gathering of angels).

3) Talk of good things, inviting people through wisdom and kindness towards good and refraining from evil.

4) Do not make gatherings a way of pass times. Every minute of our life is precious and should be valued.

5) Where possible give words of support and encouragement to those afflicted with difficulties. This is a Sunnah and will earn rewards.

6) When entering or leaving a gathering say the words of salaam aloud (making sure not to disturb the gathering). This sunnah should be followed no matter how many times a person has to leave and re-join the gathering.

7) When a senior person or pious person enters the gathering, a position (seating) appropriate to their position should be offered. If food is being served, it should be initiated from the most senior or respected.

8) Those younger or junior should be courteous towards those senior by offering their place if the gathering is full.

9) Always end any gathering with the Sunnah dua.


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