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You are Always there O Allah

You are Always there, O Allah!

By (Mawlana) Junayd Makda

Through my moments of lost hope, I find You to be there,
Through dark and lonely nights, I find You full of care
O Allah! Where would I be without You?
Who would I turn to besides You?

In pain and sorrow, You are my only hope,
Through many times of hardship, when unable to cope,
It is You I turn to, always for help,
It is You I know, will always help.

In the moments when the world, has deserted me,
When around me there is no one, who wants to be,
I still am not alone, O Allah!
For I feel You are with me, always O Allah!

Through my many stages of ill health and sufferings,
When many lose hope and sit wondering,
Yet I find reason to carry me through,
For, O Allah! I am lucky to believe in You.

I am not sure if my suffering is ever a suffering,
For within it is always something so comforting,
The knowledge You are with me, O Allah!
The feeling You are beside me, O Allah!

When I think of the punishments which await for me,
For my evils in this life, which is sure to be,
I find hope these pains will help me,
For I believe, O Allah! You are forgiving me.

O Allah! I believe in You and all You have asked me to,
I believe every good and difficulty is indeed from You,
All I ask and ever ask is, you to stay with me,
For, O Allah! Without You, there is no hope for me.

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