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Whispering to my creator

Whispering to my creator

By (Mawlana) Junayd Makda

The beauty of whispering to my Creator,
He cannot understand, who never has?
The feeling of bowing before Him,
Who will understand if they never have?

The enjoyment of speaking my needs to Him,
Will he understand who never does?
The fulfilment in just thinking of Him,
How to explain to the one who never has?

The pleasure in just uttering His Name,
How can they know if they’ve never tried?
The happiness of just sitting in His thought,
Would they know if they never have?

The contentment in presenting my needs to Him,
How can I share, with one, who never has?
The confidence in knowing He is always there,
How can I tell a person, who wont believe?

The moment when I reach out to Him for help,
How can I tell a person who never would?
And the moment when I know I am alone (with Him),
Who would believe if they never try?

Those moments when I awake at night for Him,
Who would relate, if they never do?
Those times when I gave up a sin to please Him,
How could I explain to the one, who never has?

It is indeed just a moment which seems to stretch beyond
If only you’d try so as to know,
It is these moments which keep me strong
If only you would too so you would know.

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