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The Ice Cube

The Ice Cube

By (Mawlana) Junayd Makda

A cube of ice, so small so cold
Inviting to watch, of what unfolds
Seemingly no change, in shape or size
Yet quietly just changing in disguise

A trickle of water, rolls from top
Rolling down, not intending to stop
Slowly with silence, others join
At first a puddle, the size of a coin,

Drop by drop, the puddle is growing
The water is quietly, in silence just flowing
The ice cube in size, is sure shrinking too
Yet its silence is telling us, a story so true

As it melts away, till finally it’s no more
In water it speaks of, a life before,
Knowing we will learn, by watching it too
Learning of our life, which is melting too.

Slowly but surely, our time and breath,
Is leading us all, to think of death
As the seconds tick by, so do we
Melting like the ice cube, indeed are we


An ice cube melts away gradually without any warning or even any sound. In the same way our lives too are slowly melting away, a second at a time with each breath we take.

Let’s value our life before its gone by doing as many good deeds as possible and please Allah Ta’ala.

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