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Allah will give me better

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Allah will give me better

By (Mawlana) Junayd Makda

Do we believe, that jannah is better?
The pleasures the fun, the blessings more better
For sure than this world, it is much better
For those who believe, and prepare for the better

When desire invites, to transgress and sin
To look at her beauty, or his all the same
Deep down there is pain, to look away
Just say to yourself, ‘Allah will give me better’.

When deciding to leave, habits so sinful
The fun the pleasure, indeed much painful,
Thinking it will be, so boring without
Say to yourself, ‘Allah will give me better’

When the time arrives to perform salaah
Busy or sleeping or having fun, we stop
The thought that comes, is to leave it till later
Say to yourself, “Allah will give me better’

When looking at the glitters, and pleasures around
Thinking and wanting, what’s better to have
In this world whether rich, or poor we stay
Say to yourself, ‘Allah will give me better’

When in life it just seems, nothing is right
Despair and pain, and grief that we find
Wishing it will end, and better will we get
Be patient and say, “Allah will give me better’

This is the key, to a future much better
To a life and prosperity, no doubt much better
Be there pain or grief, fun or not,
keep saying to yourself, ‘Allah will give me better’


In life, we find many occasions when we are tempted to do wrong.

At such times we should think of Allah Ta’ala who has told us not to do these things and then think that in Jannah and even in this world, Allah Ta’ala will give us something much better than this Insha’Allah

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