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Etiquettes of Speaking

Etiquettes of Speaking

Some etiquettes to remember when speaking with others:

1) Speak clearly, use easy to understand language and speak in a moderate tone. Avoid the use of slang language

2) Only speak when necessary and speak of what is beneficial. It is better to remain silent if there is nothing good to say.

3) Be polite and kind at all times.

4) Avoid backbiting, slandering, lying and talebearing.

5) Choose your words carefully and make sure not to hurt anyone’s feeling with your words.

6) By showing your interest in what someone says and giving them full attention, they will feel worthy and happy that they came and spoke with you.

A kind, respectful person is always remembered, respected and loved and is close to Allah Ta’ala and close to the hearts of people. So, let’s try become the best person we can be!


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