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Du’a when returning from a journey

Du’a when returning from a journey

When we are on a journey we are usually not in our normal routine and this can affect our duty to Allah Ta’ala.

So when returning home it is important to remind ourselves of these duties. 

Our beloved Nabi ﷺ would read the following Du’a frequently when returning from a journey.

Let’s learn it and read it whenever we are returning from our journeys too Insha’allah.

Du’a when returning from a journey

آيِبُوْنَ تَائِبُوْنَ عابِدُوْنَ لِرَبِّنَا حَامِدُوْنَ

Ayiboona Ta’iboona ‘Abidoona Li-Rabbina Hamidoona

Translation (with brief explanation): 
We are returning (from our Journey).
We are asking for forgiveness (from Allah Ta’ala so He can be happy with us and so we return home free from sin).
We are worshipping (our Allah Ta’ala always and we are ready to continue to worship Him).
We are praising our Rabb (as He is always so kind and favourable towards us all).

Benefits of reciting this Du’a:

1) Rewards and blessings for following a Sunnah.

2) Forgiveness from Allah Ta’ala.

3) Good mental preparation to return home and continue with worship, Dhikr and Du’a to Allah Ta’ala.

4) Returning home with the good intentions found in this Du’a will make Allah Ta’ala very happy.

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