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The pigeon, the eagle and the hunter

By Mawlana Junayd Makda Sahib

The pigeon, the eagle and the hunter

One of the 99 names of Allah Ta’ala is:

(Al-Hafeez) – اَلْحَفِيْظ The protector

Allah Ta’ala looks after all his creation and keeps them safe from harm. Let us look at a story to see how Allah Ta’ala can help us if we turn to him in our time of need.

There was once a very happy pigeon who would fly around without a worry in the world. 

One day, the pigeon ran into some trouble. It flew into an area where there was a huge Eagle. 

The Eagle seeing this pigeon, immediately made some dinner plans and started chasing the pigeon to capture it. 

The pigeon flew for its life and just when it seemed the Eagle would catch it, it managed to get away and escape. 

Finally, after a long chase, both were tired. The Eagle sat in a tree branch and the pigeon sat a distance away on another tree branch. 

They both planned, the pigeon planning its escape and the Eagle planning how to catch it. 

Just when the pigeon thought of an escape plan its world came tumbling down. 

To the horror of the pigeon, there was a hunter aiming his gun at the pigeon. This was not good! The pigeon was TRAPPED!

The pigeon knew that if it flew, the Eagle will catch it and if it waits then the hunter would shoot it!

The pigeon decided there was no choice but to make Du’a to Allah Ta’ala who is Al-Hafeez (the one who protects and gives safety). 

The pigeon had barely finished making the dua that a scorpion emerged from a hole in the Earth and stung the hunter just as he was about to pull the trigger. The hunter lost balance and lost aim and as a result, fired at the Eagle!

The hunter fell to the ground injured and the Eagle too was wounded and left unable to chase the pigeon. 

Al-Hafeez had saved and protected the Pigeon. Subhanallah! 

Let’s learn this name of Allah Ta’ala related to today’s story.



(The Preserver/Protector)


We learn such an amazing lesson from this story that when we are in distress, the best thing we can do is turn to Allah Ta’ala for help and not lose hope!

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