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Etiquettes of Walking

Etiquettes of Walking

When we are out and about, alone or with friends and family, the following etiquettes related to walking should be kept in mind:

1) Walk humbly. Do not walk with pride and arrogance.

2) Keep the gaze lowered but at the same time remain aware of what is going on around us.

3) Walk at a moderate pace. Not too fast that we get tired quickly or risk hurting ourselves or others and not too slow.

4) Do not drag the feet whilst walking. Lift them and take proper steps.

5) If we see an obstacle on the floor, then remove it. There is great reward for this. (click here to read about the reward for this)

6) We should mind our own business when walking. We shouldn’t look into other people’s houses or listen to conversations others are having whilst passing them.

7) If while walking we see someone in need of help, then as long as it is safe to do so, we should offer our help.

8) When walking with others, try to walk slightly behind them, especially adults, as this is more humble and respectful.

9) Women should observe hijab and should not wear attractive clothing, ornaments or perfume when walking in public.

10) Try to walk on one side of the pathway and not in the middle.

11) If the need comes to stop and talk to someone, we should stand to one side ensuring we do not block the pathway.


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