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Etiquettes of Eating

Etiquettes and Sunnah related to Eating

The Do’s

1) Wash the hands till the wrists before eating.
2) Read Bismillah.
3) Eat with the right hand.
4) Eat that which is nearest to you.
5) Eat while sitting on the floor.
6) Layout a food mat to eat from.
7) Pick up and clean dropped food and eat it.
8) Eat with 3 fingers.
9) Share food with others and share utensils.
10) Eat 1/3 stomach full only.
11) Clean the dish after eating and lick the fingers.
12) Praise Allah Ta’ala while eating and after finishing.
13) Compliment the food.

The Don’ts
1) Don’t criticize the food.
2) Don’t blow on the food.
3) Do not lean and eat.
4) Do not overeat.
5) Do not sit crossed legged.
6) Don’t discard/leave food.


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