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Daily Lesson 73

Fun and Beneficial Facts!

Did you know? Sayyiduna Huzayfah Ibn Yamaan’s رضي الله عنه eyesight was so sharp that he could shoot arrows at the enemy in the dark! Amazing right?

Tahiyyatul Wudhu

Wudhu is a very special worship which not only makes us pure and prepares us for worship but it brings us many rewards and makes Allah Ta’ala very happy with us. (why not click here to about the benefits of making wudhu)

With the amazing rewards for wudhu, why don’t we learn a quick way to add to these rewards. After all, we all want to be rich in Jannah, so we need to do lots of quick and easy actions!

Let’s quickly take a look at a very special action we can all do after making wudhu.

This special action is known as tahiyyatul wudhu. Which is basically performing 2 rakah (units) of nafl salah after making wudhu.

Easy right? Of course it is, it only takes a few minutes. But the rewards are huge. Let’s take a look at two amazing rewards.

Reward One – We will definitely go in Jannah
We know this because in a hadeeth we find that when a person performs wudhu properly, and (after this) performs two Rakʿah of salaah with full concentration, Jannah becomes necessary for him. (Based on a hadeeth found in Muslim)

Reward Two – Our sins are forgiven
This special reward has been mentioned in the Hadeeth too in which our beloved Nabi ﷺ tells us that by performing wudhu while keeping the full sunnah method in mind and then performing two Rakʿah with full concentration, all our (minor) sins are forgiven! (Based on a hadeeth found in Bukhari).

Amazing rewards right? So we need to start doing this from today. All we need to do is make wudhu, and then read two rakah immediately as long as it is not makrooh time for salaah and we will get these two amazing rewards!

An amazing incident of footsteps in Jannah

When our beloved Nabi ﷺ returned from the miraculous journey known as Isra and Mi’raj, after the Fajr salaah he asked Sayyidina Bilaal رضي الله عنه “O Bilāl, tell me the actions you have done (since accepting Islam) Islam, which you have the most hope for (to give you) reward. (I ask this) Because I have heard your footsteps in front of me in Jannah!

Bilal رضي الله عنه replied, “I have not carried out any (extra special) action that provides me (with) hope, except (the fact) that, whenever I perform wudhu (whether it be) in the day or night I (make sure to) perform salah with that wudhu. (Bukhari)

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