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A Life of Generosity

Imam Layth Ibn Sa’ad رحمه الله and his generosity

Lived from: 94 AH (713) to 175 AH (791)

Imam Layth Ibn Sa’ad rahimahullah was a great Imam of his era. He was born in Egypt and‎‎ was not only well known for his expertise in the various fields of Islamic knowledge, but he was also well known for his piety, humble nature and more so for his generosity.

He had a comfortable annual income of approximately twenty thousand dinars (gold coins). This would for most people amount to a good saving by the end of the year and be a reason for paying Zakat. However, his generosity was such that from the time he became baaligh, zakaat never once became obligatory on him (as he would spend all his wealth on helping others!).

It is reported that he would give charity to approximately three hundred people daily!

On one occasion, the house of a muhaddith, Imam Ibn Lahee‘ah rahimahullah caught fire and burnt down, causing alot of damage including all his books being destroyed. The following day, Imam Layth Ibn Sa’ad rahimahullah ‎‎ sent 1000 dinars (gold coins) to him!

(Siyar A’laam Nubala)

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