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Worry for Deen

The worry (Fikr) of Imam Muhammad Ibn Hasan Shaybaani rahimahullah

Lived from: 132 AH to 189 AH

Imam Muhammad rahimahullah is one of the famous students of Imam Abu Haneefah rahimahullah. He is a great example of the Ulama of the past who combined excelled in acquiring Islamic knowledge, adopted piety and worship and carried amazing worry for deen.

It is mentioned that as Imam Muhammad rahimahullah would sleep very little, his friends and associates would advice him to rest more. In reply he would say:

“How can I sleep whilst the Muslims (general public) sleep with the thought and trust that when they have a Mas’alah (Deeni question) to ask, they will ask me. If I was to sleep then it would be the destruction of Deen (Meaning, there wouldn’t be anyone to inform them of the rulings of Deen).

Ahnaf Ke Hairat Angaiz Waqiat

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