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35. Weekend Activity – Let’s Make the Ka’bah

Let's Make the Ka'bah

Read up on the fun information about the Ka’bah and also make a model of the Ka’bah

Fun Info of the Kab'ah

The Ka’bah was the first Masjid built on earth for the worship of Allah Ta’ala.


Many years passed and the Ka’bah was rebuilt by Nabi Ibraheem and Ismaeel عليهما السلام.


Over the years the Ka’bah was rebuilt many times due to it becoming damaged. As time went on, the shape also changed. Up until it is as we see it now, with the Ka’bah in a cubic shape and a semicircular half wall around the Ka’bah called the Hateem.


The Hateem is also a part of the Ka’bah. Anyone performing Salah in the Hateem, it is like they have performed Salah inside the Ka’bah.


Directly above the Ka’bah, there is a Ka’bah situated in the heavens named Al-Bayt al-Ma’moor. In a Hadeeth our beloved Nabi ﷺ has said regarding Al-Bayt al-Ma’moor, that daily 70,000 angels do Tawaf of the Ka’bah in the heavens only once and do not get another chance thereafter (due to the quantity of angels worshipping Allah Ta’ala).


The original Ka’bah used to have an entrance to enter and another to exit from.


Since the time of our beloved Nabi ﷺ the key to the door of the Ka’bah has been held by the Bani Shaiba family.


The present-day Ka’bah covering is made with the most valuable materials.
This covering is replaced every year on the eve of Eid Al-Adha when everyone is in Arafah. This covering is called the Kiswah.


Muslims do not worship the actual Ka’bah rather it serves as a focal point of worship for Muslims around the world.


The Hajr al-Aswad, also known as the black stone is a stone from the heavens. When we kiss it our sins are forgiven.


The wall between the Door of the Ka’bah and the Black Stone is called Multazam. Du’as are accepted here.


The golden water spout also known as Mizaab-ar-Rahmah is situated on the upper part of the wall of the Ka’bah. Rainwater from the roof falls through this pipe and into the Hateem area. This water is blessed.

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