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21. Weekend Activity – Al-Malik (The King)

Al-Malik (The King)

One of the 99 names of Allah Ta’ala is:

(Al-Malik – اَلْمَلِکْ The King)

Al-Malik is one of the beautiful names of Allah Ta’ala. Al-Malik means “The King”. Allah Ta’ala is no ordinary king. He is the king of all Kings and his kingdom includes everything.

Activity 1

Let’s make a booklet and learn about the power and might of Allah Ta’ala.

Activity 2

What You'll Need


A4 or Letter size cardstock


White glue

Plastic gems, rhinestones, glitter glue, stickers, foam or paper shapes, buttons, small pompoms, lace, ribbons, and other accents


1. Download and open the printable file above.


2. Print out two copies of the file on A4 or letter-size, white or yellow card.


3. Cut around the black lines. You should now have 4 crown sections.


4. Glue the crown sections together at the sides to form a long band long enough to go around your head.


5. Decorate the crown. Use the triangle sections of the crown to add decorations.


6. Glue or tape the ends together before wearing the crown.

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