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Isa A.S 10 Facts – Make a Poster

Make A Poster

(10 Facts of Sayyidunā Īsā عليه السلام)

Can you design a beautiful poster on ‘Sayyidunā Īsā عليه السلام’. Make it colourful.

Use the ’10 Facts’ below to help you out. Once completed send it to us to see.

10 Facts of Sayyidunā Īsā عليه السلام

1) Sayyidunā Isa عليه السلام, like the Prophets who came before him, was also a Prophet sent by Allah Ta’ala to guide the people and share the message of Allah.

2) Allah Ta’ala revealed the Injeel (Bible) to Isa عليه السلام. We as Muslims believe in the original Injeel that was revealed to him.

3) Sayyidunā Isa عليه السلام never claimed to be a god or the son of God. Rather from the Quran, we learn that he said he was the servant and Rasool of Allah. He had been sent to invite people towards Tawheed (oneness of Allah).

4) Sayyidunā Isa عليه السلام was born to Maryam رضي الله عنها and did not have a father. This was a miracle from Allah Ta’ala. His place of birth according to many narrations it’s mentioned to be Bethlehem.

5) His prophethood was visible from birth as when Maryam رضي الله عنها introduced him to the people, he explained to them whilst still a newborn baby that he was a prophet and invited them towards prayer, charity and obedience to one’s mother.

6) Allah Ta’ala gave Sayyidunā Isa عليه السلام certain miracles which normal people could not do. Some special miracles given to Sayyidunā Isa عليه السلام were: giving sight to a blind person, curing the illness of leprosy and bring the dead to life.

7) Sayyidunā Isa عليه السلام was not killed or crucified (as is the Christian belief). Rather he was raised to the heavens by Allah Ta’ala before he could be captured and punished.

8) Sayyidunā Isa عليه السلام is a human being. He was not God or the son of God. Muslims do not believe this rather Muslims believe that Allah is one who has no partners or children.

9) Sayyidunā Isa عليه السلام is alive in the heavens waiting to return shortly before Qiyamah. He will descend in Damascus. He will later on, end the fitna (evils) of Dajjal and help the Muslims who had suffered due to Dajjal.

10) When Sayyidunā Isa عليه السلام descends, he will come as a follower of our beloved Nabi ﷺ and not as a Prophet. He is the only Prophet to have this honour. He will marry and have also family and will set justice. 

Abdullah Ibn Mas'ood's رضي الله عنه Journey to Islam (Part 1)

A young boy, by the name of Abdullah, the son of Mas’ood, was responsible for the goats of Uqbah lbn Abee Mu’ait; a wealthy man of Makkah and one of the leaders of Quraysh.

Abdullah would usually take the goats to a distance, deep into the mountain range and valleys which surrounded Makkah.

This was his routine, but one day something happened which changed the fortunes of Abdullah.

As he was out grazing the goats, he saw two men approaching him at a distance. They seemed tired and as they came closer he noticed the effects of thirst by their dried lips. looked dry out of thirst. One of these men was our most beloved Nabi ﷺ and the other was Abu Bakr As Siddeeq رضي الله عنه.

As they met with Abdullah, they said, ‘O boy, can you draw some milk from these goats and give us some milk to drink?’ Young Abdullah apologised saying, ‘I can’t let you drink the milk as these goats do not belong to me.’

Hearing this very honest answer, our beloved Nabi ﷺ said, ‘In that case do you have a young goat, which is not yet able to give milk?’ Abdullah replied to the affirmative and pointed towards a goat nearby which was not yet able to give milk.

Our beloved Nabi ﷺ took hold of the young goat and with Allah Ta’ala’s name began stroking its udder and it became full of milk. Abu Bakr رضي الله عنه brought a bowl into which they milked the goat and they drank to their fill. Our beloved Nabi ﷺ once again turned to the goat and said to the udder, ‘Shrink,’ and it slowly shrunk till it returned to its original condition.

Abdullah was fascinated by this and went running to our beloved Nabi ﷺ asking him to teach him the words he had just read. Our beloved Nabi ﷺ simply replied, ‘You are a learned boy.’ A prophecy which would see Abdullah’s name included among the most knowledgeable of this ummah.

This incident left a lasting impression on Abdullah, who till then had only heard about our beloved Nabi ﷺ but had never come across him. This though was an introduction enough and within a few days, he accepted Islam and turned from a boy serving Uqba and his goats to a well-respected boy serving and attending to the needs of our beloved Nabi ﷺ.

To be continued..

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