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The Story of Isa Alayhis Salam – Part 3

The Story of Sayyiduna Easaa alayhis salam

Part 3

Listen and Read

By Shaykh Mawlana

Muhammad Saleem Dhorat 


Audio Narration by

Mawlana Abu Khalid

Sayyidunā ‘Īsā عليه السلام - The Prophet of Allāh Ta'ala

Years passed and Sayyidunā ‘Īsā عليه السلام grew up and became an adult. All around him, the world had become evil and corrupt. The Israelites had forgotten the message of Allāh Ta’ala brought to them by Sayyidunā Mūsā عليه السلام. 


They committed all kinds of evil, so much so that they had even killed Prophets sent to them by Allāh Ta’ala. They had given up good morals and good character and adopted bad qualities instead, such as telling lies, cheating, hatred and jealousy. Their religious leaders changed the Book of Allāh Ta’ala, the Tawrāt, for the sake of worldly gains. 


In this way, halāl was made harām and harām made halāl. Many of the commands of Allāh Ta’ala in the Tawrāt were changed and a lot of the original text no longer remained.


When the Israelites had gone too far in disobeying Allāh Ta’ala, Allāh Ta’ala ordered Sayyidunā ‘Īsā عليه السلام to announce the message of Allāh Ta’ala to the Israelites. 


He said, “O People, I am a servant and Messenger of Allāh Ta’ala. I am a human like all the Prophets before me. They were sent by Allāh Ta’ala to guide their people. Allāh Ta’ala has sent me for your guidance and has revealed to me His book, the Injīl. Follow me and believe in the One and only Allāh Ta’ala. Allāh Ta’ala is my Lord and your Lord, so worship Him only. This is the straight path leading to success in this world and the Hereafter.” 


Thus, Sayyidunā ‘Īsā عليه السلام called the people to believe in the oneness of Allāh Ta’ala, the Angels, the Divine Books, all the Prophets and the Hereafter. He invited them to lead a good and honest life and ordered them to stay away from wrong. He encouraged them to be good to one another and help each other. However, they refused to accept him and his teachings. They were not willing to accept the truth. The religious leaders opposed him in everything he did. They mocked and laughed at him. They criticised him and taunted him. They even spread false rumours about his mother, Sayyidah Maryam رضي الله عنها. They made fun of his teachings and also threatened him.


All this did not discourage Sayyidunā ‘Īsā عليه السلام. He continued to convey the message of Allāh Ta’ala. He paid no attention to the unhappiness nor the threats of the Israelites.




The Israelites demanded Sayyidunā ‘Īsā عليه السلام to show them miracles to prove he was the Messenger of Allāh Ta’ala. With the help of Allāh Ta’ala, he did many things which ordinary humans cannot do.


He took clay in his hands, shaped it into a bird and blew over it; this made it come to life and fly into the air.


He restored the eyesight of those born blind. He cured the leper.


He brought the dead back to life. He would reveal to the people what they had eaten and also what they had kept in their homes. 


He did all this with the help of Almighty Allāh Ta’ala.


Despite seeing these miracles, the rulers and the religious leaders stayed away from Sayyidunā Īsā عليه السلام. They feared that by accepting his teachings they would have to give up their honour and leadership. They behaved arrogantly and rejected the miracles and clear signs he had brought, even though they knew that these were true. Instead, they said it was magic.



The Message of Sayyidunā ‘Īsā عليه السلام

However, Sayyidunā ‘Īsā عليه السلام did not lose hope. He continued to convey the message of Allāh Ta’ala with full courage and determination.


He spent most of his time travelling from place to place teaching about the Oneness of Allāh Ta’ala. He informed them of the Commands of Allāh Ta’ala and called them towards the straight path, the path of success.


Like all the Prophets, Sayyidunā ‘Īsā عليه السلام called towards the worship of One Allāh Ta’ala. He said to his people, “Allāh Ta’ala is my Lord and your Lord; therefore, worship Him only. If you worship someone other than Allāh Ta’ala, you will never enter Paradise.”


Sayyidunā ‘Īsā عليه السلام, like other Prophets before him, also gave good news of the arrival of the final Prophet who was to come after him, whose name would be Ahmad and Muhammad ﷺ.


Hence, Allāh Ta’ala informed the people through Sayyidunā ‘Īsā عليه السلام that our beloved Nabī ﷺ would come as the last and final Messenger.



The Disciples

Sayyidunā ‘Īsā عليه السلام travelled from village to village, town to town, and city to city, calling people towards the truth and guiding them to their Lord and Creator, Allāh Ta’ala. He invited all, the rich and the poor, to accept the true religion of Allāh Ta’ala.


He wanted to save them from the wrong path and the evil ways into which they had fallen. Some rejected him but there were others who accepted him.


They had no reason to reject him. They were aware that he was the most honest and had the best character. Many of these people who were fortunate to accept his call were poor.


They loved and respected him and supported him during all the trials and difficulties. From his followers, there were some who sacrificed their time and belongings to spread the religion of Allāh Ta’ala. These people were called the Hawāriyyīn (disciples).



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