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New Year’s Deeni Plan

New Year's Deeni Plan 2021

As the new year begins, many of us tend to make intentions of good habits we want to improve on and add to our daily life. For today’s activity, we will be making deeni intentions for the new year and for the rest of our lives.

1) Firstly download our 2021 deeni resolution checklist.

2) Have a read of it thoroughly and ponder what good actions you would like to improve on in your daily routine.

3) Going down the list tick all the actions from the checklist you would like to work on.

4) Keep this safe and you may even put it up somewhere to continue adding good actions slowly as time goes along.

The Final Moments of Hasan Basri رحمه الله (passed away 110AH / 728 AD) 

He is amongst the great tabiee (those people who met the sahaba!). He lived in a very special era with great personalities, such as Imam Abu Haneefa رحمه الله.

Hasan Al Basri رحمه الله was always busy in preparation for the afterlife and did not pay attention towards enjoying this life. So much so that people say they never saw him laughing. However, what’s most amazing is at the time of death, he left this world laughing!

This is because Allah Ta’ala shows the pious people special blessings of Jannah and His mercy at the time of death!

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