Tahiyyatul Masjid

Tahiyyatul Masjid

The Masajid (plural for Masjid) are the Houses of Allah Ta’ala and therefore the most beloved places to Allah Ta’ala on this earth.

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Anyone able to visit the Masjid should feel very lucky, try to visit as much as possible and make the most of every visit. Further, still there is a special way to greet Allah Ta’ala upon entering which our amazing Nabi sallallahu alayhi wasallam taught us with a lot of emphasis. This method is known as ‘Tahiyyatul Masjid’.

What is Tahiyyatul Masjid?

Tahiyyatul masjid is to perform Rak’at (unit) of Salah immediately upon entry into the masjid.

Our beloved Nabi sallallahu alayhi wasallam says:

“When anyone among you enters the Masjid, he should not sit till he has observed two Rak’at (of Salah)”.  (Muslim)

Explaining the wisdom behind these two Rak’at the Ulama say that these two Rak’at are in actual fact a person’s greeting to Allah, as (all) the Masajid belong to Him. (Tahtawi, pg.215 ; Shami, vol.2 pg.18).

Imagine how rude it would be to enter someone’s home without greeting them and how unfortunate it would be to miss out on the opportunity to greet Allah Ta’ala!

Action plan:

1) Come early to the masjid preferably having performed wudhu from home (as this is most virtuous)

2) Upon entering in to the masjid, as long as it is not forbidden or makrooh time for Salah, find a suitable place and offer two Rak’at Salah with the intention of ‘Tahiyyatul Masjid’. 

3) If you have performed wudhu first we should also make the intention of Tahiyyatul Wudhu. (Click here to read more)

4) Thereafter engage in ibadah and wait for the upcoming Salah. (Click here to read more)


Ulama advise that if a person has come to the masjid but does not have time to perform this Salah then he may make intention of ‘Tahiyyatul masjid’ whilst performing his sunnah or fardh Salah.

Other Ahadeeth regarding Tahiyyatul Masjid:

Hadeeth 1:

Our beloved Nabi ﷺ said:

“When anyone of you enters the Masjid, he should perform two Rak’ah (of voluntary prayer) before sitting.” (Bukhari and Muslim)

Hadeeth 2:

Abu Dhar radhiyallahu anhu says, “I entered the Masjid, and the Rasoolullah ﷺ was sitting alone, so he said:l, ‘O Abu Dhar, truly the Masjid has a greeting, and indeed its greeting is two Rakʿah, so stand up and perform them” (Ibn Hibban, Musannaf Ibn Abi Shaybah)

Hadeeth 3:

Our beloved Nabi ﷺ said,

“Give the Masjids their due.” He was asked, “And what is their due?” He replied, “Two Rakʿah before you sit down” (Musannaf Ibn Abi Shaybah)

Hadeeth 4:

Abu Qatada radhiyallahu anhu says,

“I entered the Masjid, where Rasoolullah ﷺ was sitting among the people (Sahabah), and (so) I also sat down among them. Upon this the Rasoolullah ﷺ said: ‘What prevented you from offering two Rak’ah (of Nafl prayer) before sitting down?’ I said, Rasoolullah ﷺ, I saw you sitting and people sitting (around you and I, therefore, sat in your company). He (Rasoolullah ﷺ) said: ‘When anyone among you enters the Masjid, he should not sit till he has observed two Rak’ah’.”(Muslim)

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