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Sunnah of dusting the bed before sleeping

Sunnah of dusting the bed before sleeping

When preparing for bed, many of us have a set bed time such as brushing our teeth, making Wudhu and wearing our pyjamas. One quick and simple Sunnah we can add to our routine is dusting our bed before getting into it! Simple right?

Benefits of following this Sunnah:

You may think why should we dust our sheets? There are many benefits to doing so and some are mentioned below:

1) We will acquire rewards and blessings for acting upon this Sunnah of our Beloved Nabi ﷺ.

2) There could be insects which can be harmful to us so by dusting the bed we will remove them Insha’Allah.

3) We could have been advised to dust the bed with our hands but there is a chance to be stung or bit by something so using the edge of one’s garment is safer.

4) More recent studies show that when we sleep we shed dead cells off our body and whenever one wakes up it is left behind and hence accumulates on our sheets. These dead cells are invisible by the naked eye and so following this Sunnah of our beloved Nabi ﷺ will result in removing these.

Imam Al-Nawawi رحمه الله while explaining this Sunnah/Hadeeth says:

1) The wording of the Hadeeth “The inside of his lower garment” means its edge.

2) What is meant is that it is mustahab (for a person) to dust down his bed before lying on it.

3) Lest there be a snake or scorpion or other harmful thing in it.

4) And (if he was to use his hand) he should dust it down with his hand covered by the edge of his lower garment.

5) Lest something bad happens to his hand if there is anything there.”

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