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Holiday Challenge Day 1

Challenge 1 - Salah Points Chart

Salah is a very important part of our deen, and we should try our utmost best to perform every single salah at its appointed time and for boys, to perform it in the masjid with Jamaat.

To help us become more punctual with salah, we have prepared a salah Points chart. Its simple to complete and suitable for all ages.

Download our points-based salah chart and set yourself a target to get the highest points possible.

Tip for parent’s:

● Give your child a treat if they get full points or close to it inshaallah.

For everyone over 7 years:

For everyone under 7 years:

Did you know?  Salah was originally 50 but our Nabi ﷺ very kindly got it reduced to 5. But the best bit is we still get the reward for 50 by performing all 5 salah daily!

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