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Final Moments

The Final moments of Shaykh Junayd Baghdadi رحمه الله (passed Away: 297AH/910AD)

On his deathbed he recited the Qur’an continuously. Al-Jariri relates that he told him: “O Abu al-Qasim! Put yourself at ease.”

Shaykh Junayd رحمه الله replied: “O Abu Muhammad! Do you know anyone more in need of the Qur’an at this time, when my record (of actions) is being folded up?”

After saying this Shaykh Junayd رحمه الله continued reciting till he completed one khatam.

He then started from the beginning and had recited seventy verses of Sura al-Baqara, when he left this world.

Ibn Imad al-Hanbali says: “If we were to speak of his merits we could fill volumes.”

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