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Devotion to Allah Ta’ala

Imam Abu Yusuf’s رحمه الله devotion to Allah Ta’ala

Lived from: 113 AH to 182 AH

Imam Abu Yusuf rahimahullah, whose real name was Yaqub is among the great imams of Fiqh this ummah has seen. He is also the famous student of Imam Abu Haneefa rahimahullah and later became the first to be called Qaadhi al-Qudhaat (the Supreme Judge)!

Despite living an extremely busy life, amazingly it did not affect his desire to worship Allah Ta’ala.

It is recorded that during the day he would fulfil his role as Chief Justice and by night he would engage himself in teaching Hadeeth and other Islamic sciences. But his devotion to Allah Ta’ala and worship was such that he would perform two hundred Rak’aat optional prayers daily!

(Siyar A’laam Nubala)

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