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Daily Lesson 53

Fun and Beneficial Facts!

Did you know? Sahih Al Bukhari was compiled by Muhammad Ibn Ismail Al Bukhari رحمة الله عليه. He had memorised a total of 600,000 hadeeth from which he selected approximately 8000 ahadeeth.

Waiting For the Next Salaah

Performing salaah carries huge amounts of reward, but if we are clever, then even the time after our salaah can be turned in to a time of huge reward and benefit. Even if we don’t intend to worship in this time!

All we need to do is after performing our fardh salaah, we need to follow 3 simple steps:

What are these 3 steps we need to do?

They are really simple and we can all do them!

1. Remain seated in our place (with the intention of waiting for the next fardh salaah). This can be in the masjid or even at home for women, children and those unable to attend at the masjid.

2. Be sure not to break our wudhu.

3. Optionally we can engage in zikr and tilawat (this will boost our reward count!)

For doing just this we will gain the following benefits:

Reward One – The du’a of an angel!
Allah Ta’aala will order an angel to make du’a for us, with the words, ‘Oh Allah forgive him, Oh Allah have mercy upon him’ (based on a hadeeth found in Sahih Al-Bukhari)

Reward Two – Reward of performing salaah the entire time!
Allah Ta’aala will order the angel of good deeds to write in our book of deeds that we are performing salaah. (based on a hadeeth found in Sahih Al-Bukhari)

Reward Three – Allah Ta’aala will erase our sins and elevate our status in Jannah. (based on a hadeeth found in Sahih Muslim)

Reward Four – Allah Ta’aala will open one door of Jannah and boast before the angels about us saying: ‘Look at My slaves, they have fulfilled one obligatory duty and are awaiting another.’ (Ibn Majah)

Such an amazing reward for such a simple action right?

So the next time we perform salaah, let us sit there doing the above and gain the above special rewards. It doesn’t get any easier!

The above-explained with a real-life example:

Muhammad performs his Asr Salah and after completing his salaah, he remains seated in his place with the intention of waiting for the next salaah. He has 35 minutes to wait. He is feeling lazy, so he doesn’t do any extra good deeds. All he does is sits for 35 minutes, waiting for the next salaah and makes sure he does not break his wudhu.

This simple, seemingly insignificant act of waiting will make these 35 minutes priceless for Muhammad. Because:

1) An Angel will be making du’a for him asking Allah Ta’aala to forgive him for this entire time.
2) His book of deeds will be filled with the reward of performing salaah for this entire time.
3) His sins will be forgiven and status raised.
4) Allah will be boasting in front of angels about him.

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