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22. Weekend Activity – Word Search – Fruits and Vegetables mentioned in the Qur’an

Word search - Fruits and vegetables mentioned in the Glorious Qur'an

10 Amazing facts about water used to produce our food

When it comes to what we eat, many don’t consider the role that water plays in producing our food.

It is Allah’s kindness that He gives us water to not only drink and use for cleaning etc. but also to produce our food.

To produce enough food to sustain everyone on earth we require 199.8 million litres of water per second! Without Allah’s help where would we get this much water from?!

Let’s look at a few examples of how much water is needed to produce some of the foods and drinks we consume daily without thinking.

1) It takes approximately 908 litres of water to produce just one loaf of bread!

2) A small can of soda/fizzy drink requires 174 litres of water to produce.

3) 45 litres of water are used to produce a small serving of potato chips.

4) It takes 2664 litres of water to produce one pound of lentils.

5) For every pound of rice produced 1131 litres of water is required, pasta requires 840 litres of water and barley 897 litres of water!

6) Most nuts such as Almonds, cashews, and walnuts require between 4,550 litres to 7,200 litres of water to produce!

7) A pound of chicken takes 1960 litres of water to produce.

8) A pound of eggs needs 1495 litres of water to produce.

9) A pound of cheese requires 1446 litres of water and a pound of butter requires 2618 litres of water.

10) Two pints of milk requires 461 litres of water to create.

So the next time we eat food just think how much water was used to get this food to us and how kind Allah Ta’ala was to give is that water!

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