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Using the Right Hand

Sunnah Of Using The Right Hand

Many tasks we do during the day, require us to use either our right or left side. Sometimes, we use our right and sometimes we use our left without really realising which we are using. Today’s sunnah will teach us that by using the right side, which was used by our beloved Nabi , we will gain lots of reward, we will please Allah Ta’ala and we will acquire lots of barakah and blessings.

The mother of the believers Sayyidah Aaishah (رضي الله عنها) reports that our beloved Nabi ﷺ always started from the right when he wore his shoes, combed his hair, performed ablution (wudhu) and whenever he did something good.

Our most beloved Nabi ﷺ used the right side for all noble, praiseworthy, or superior actions. While he used the left side for actions which were inferior, unpleasant, or not suitable for the right side.

Let us take a look at some examples of when the right side should be used:

  • When shaking hands with someone
  • When holding the Qur’an or any deeni book
  • While passing something or receiving something
  • While wearing any clothing
  • While entering the masjid 
  • While exiting the bathroom/toilet
  • While passing something round in a circle or while having food (pass to the right side)

Let us now take a look at a few examples of when the left side should be used:

  • When removing our clothes (revealing our body is an inferior act)
  • When lifting our shoes
  • When leaving the masjid 
  • When entering the toilet 
  • Washing ourselves after visiting the bathroom/toilet
  • Cleaning the nose

This sunnah is among those easy to practice sunnats of our beloved Nabi ﷺ which do not require any extra time or effort. It just requires us to be attentive till it becomes a habit to us.

Here are some reasons why the right side is preferred:

1) Shaytaan prefers the use of the left hand such as when eating and drinking. Using the right hand opposes Shaytaan and makes Allah happy.

2) The right hand is deserving of being honoured over the left hand.  

3) People should be respected by using the right hand to shake hands and to give and take items. (This is because the left hand is used to clean oneself in the bathroom). 

4) It is a sign of hope that Allah Ta’aala will make us from among the Ahlul Yameen (meaning those people who will be given their book of deeds in their right hand or those people who will enter Jannah.)

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