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My Self Check Chart

My Self Check Chart

In our busy days of play and work, we can easily forget if our day is being spent doing good things which please Allah Ta’ala or bad things which upset Him.

So today we’ll be printing and learning to use ‘my self check’ chart.

What is self check?

Known as ‘Muhasabah’ in arabic, it is to think about our day and what we did. For all the good, we thank Allah Ta’ala and continue with it. However, for the bad, we ask forgiveness and intend not to do it again.


Sayyiduna Umar رضي الله عنه says take account of yourself (now) before you are taken account of (by Allah Ta’ala in the Hereafter). (Muhaasabat al-Nafs)

What You'll Need

1) Card/paper

2) Colour printer

3) Laminating pouch

4) Whiteboard marker


Note: Can be printed in black and white too and also if it is not possible to laminate then use a pencil and rubber/eraser.

Using the Chart

After printing the ‘My self Check’ chart,


A) Sit in a quiet place in the evening and;


1) Think of what you did throughout the day.


2) In the first box write down the things that you did in the day that you are pleased with. It could be you are happy you prayed all your salah or recited a juzz of the Qur’an.


3) Now move on to the middle box. In here write down what you are unhappy with. Maybe you didn’t pray all 5 salah or you made your parents unhappy or you fought with your siblings.


4) Lastly looking at both boxes think about what you would like to improve on tomorrow.


B) In the morning have a look at the final box and plan your day.


1) In the evening again sit with your chart. Read over your last box where you wrote what you wanted to improve on. Think about whether you managed to improve on anything.


2) Rub out yesterday’s thoughts and actions and write in today’s.
Each day work harder at having less in your unhappy box and more in your happy box. Also each day try to work on something to make yourself a better person.


C) Finally, we have added a quick daily salah tracker. Fill it in to keep a track of which salah you have prayed and if any are missed then perform qadha before going to sleep.


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