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My 2022 Deeni Resolutions

My 2022 Deeni Resolutions

When a calendar year ends or even a school year, it gives us a perfect opportunity to look at what we are doing and make some good intentions for the new year ahead.

For today’s activity, we will be making Deeni intentions for the new year ahead of us and Insha’allah for the rest of our lives.

What You'll Need

1) A printer. If you don’t have a printer a blank paper can be used.
2) Pen or pencil

How to use

1) First download our new year’s resolution chart.


2) Thereafter, think of 5 deeni changes you want to make. For example, perform all 5 Salah, read more Qur’an or stop using bad language etc.


3) Keep the chart displayed on your wall and work to implement all 5 of your new year resolutions. Don’t worry, if you slip up, just don’t give up!


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