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My Salah Time Chart

My Salah Time Chart

What You'll Need

Download – Clock hands

Download – Salah labels

A4/ A3 Coloured Card or Coloured Paper


Glue Stick

Split Pins

Extra Decorations (Stickers/ Glitter/ Ribbons)

What You'll Do

1. To begin with, carefully with the help of an adult, cut out the clocks and clock hands. Keep each pair together so you don’t lose them. Then, carefully make a hole into the middle of each clock.

2. After this, insert the clock hands into the clock using a split pin. The pin should easily go into the middle of the circle. 

3. Now set each clock, using a timetable. One clock should be set for each salah time. Use the Jamaat time, from the timetable. One clock for Fajr, The next for Dhuhr and so on.

4. Now stick the clocks onto the coloured card. Keep a good amount of space between each clock and also underneath each clock.

5. Now, carefully cut out the labels for each salah. Fajr, Dhuhr, Asr and so on.

6. Now, stick the labels of each salah under each clock.

7. Your salah chart is almost completed! You can now add the virtues of praying salah to the chart.

8. Decorate your chart and make it your very own special salah chart!

9. Take a look at the Number of Rakats for each salah and try to memorise it. Slowly, begin by praying 1 / 2 salahs every day. Then increase when you feel ready.

Now that you are ready, begin to pray the daily 5 salahs. Once you complete praying 2 whole weeks of daily salah, you will get a certificate of achievement!

Send a picture of your chart to us so we can see your amazing work too!


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