Daily Lesson 213

Once again Allah Ta’aala has given us Friday, which we know as Jumu’ah. This is the best day of the week, so it’s only right that we do the best actions we can on this day.

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A look back at the amazing features, appearance, characteristics, habits, and personality of our most amazing Nabi ﷺ, to help us understand how special he was.

Jibreel Alayhis Salam has said:

قَلَّبْتُ مَشَارِقَ الْأَرْضِ ، وَمَغَارِبَهَا فَلَمْ أَرَ رَجُلًا أَفْضَلَ مِنْ مُحَمَّدٍ صَلَّى اللَّهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّمَ

“I searched the east and the west, I left no stone unturned, but I did not find anyone like our beloved Rasul ﷺ.” (Mujamul Awsat-Tabraani)

His Justice ﷺ

Listen to by Mawlana Junayd Makda Sahib

Our beloved Nabi ﷺ was extremely just and always decided with complete fairness. Let us look at a few examples of this great quality:

Sakhr was the chief of a tribe who had helped our beloved Nabi ﷺ, during the siege of Ta’if. Our beloved Nabi ﷺ was naturally grateful to him. However, when some incidents took place, and two charges were placed against him, our beloved Nabi ﷺ decided against him and made him undo the wrong. [Abu Dawud]

Similarly, a woman of the Makhzoom family who had good connections was found guilty of theft. Some people including Usaamah Ibn Zayd رضي الله عنه‎ interceded to save her from punishment. Our beloved Nabi ﷺ refused their request l saying:

“Many a community ruined itself in the past as they only punished the poor and ignored the offences of the exalted. By Allah, if Muhammad’s (My) daughter Faatimah would have committed theft, her hand would have been severed.” [Al-Bukhari]

The justice and equality of our beloved Nabi ﷺ can also be understood from the fact that the Jews, in spite of their dislike for our beloved Nabi ﷺ, would bring their cases to our beloved Nabi ﷺ and would request him to decide for them. [Abu Dawood]

Our beloved Nabi ﷺ was always fearful of meeting Allah Ta’ala so would not leave anything to chance. For this reason once, while our beloved Nabi ﷺ, was distributing the spoils of war, some people gathered around him and one man almost fell upon our beloved Nabi ﷺ. Our beloved Nabi ﷺ pushed the man with a stick causing a slight scratch. Our beloved Nabi ﷺ was so sorry about this that he told the man that he could have his revenge, but the man said: “O Messenger of Allah, I forgive you.” [Abu Dawood]

These were just a few examples of the justice of our most beautiful, most perfect and most special Nabi ﷺ, who is a perfect role model for us all.

يَارَبِّ صَلِّ وَسَلِّمْ دَائِماً اَبَداً عَلٰى حَبِيْبِكَ خَيْرِ الْخَلْقِ كُلِّهِمِ

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