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Daily Lesson 211

Fun and Beneficial Facts!

Did you know? On the Day of Ashura (i.e 10th of Muharram), By being generous to one’s family and dependants, Allah Ta’ala will increase (one’s provision) for the whole year!

The Generosity of Ibn Jurayj رحمه الله

Lived from: 80 AH (699) to 150 AH (767) 

Ibn Jurayj رحمه الله is among the great ulama of this ummah. He is a Tab’ Tabi’ee meaning he met individuals who had met the Sahabah! He transmitted a large number of Ahadeeth and was one of leading Fuqaha of Makkah

Makkee ibn Ibraheem رحمه الله mentions an incident in which he says that:

On one occasion we were with Ibn Jurayj رحمه الله, when a beggar asked for something. Ibn Jurayj رحمه الله told his treasurer: ‘Give him a dinar (gold coin).’ The treasurer replied: ‘I only have one dinar, if I give it away then what will we have for you and your family?’ Ibn Jurayj رحمه الله became very angry and said, ‘Give it to him!’

The treasurer gave the one dinar to the begger and a short while later another man came. He had been sent by Ibn Juraj’s brother.

He had with him a letter and a small pouch. The letter read: ‘I have sent you fifty dinars (gold coins).’

Ibn Jurayj رحمه الله asked his treasurer to count the coins. They totalled to fifty-one dinars. Ibn Jurayj رحمه الله told his treasurer: ‘You gave one coin (for the pleasure of Allah), which Allah (has) returned and has also given an additional fifty coins!’

(Sunan Tirmidhi)

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