The Man who Entered Jannah for One Action

By Mawlana Junayd Makda Sahib

The Man who entered Jannah for one action

A long time ago there lived a pious man by the name of Bayazeed Bustaami rahmatullahi alayh (Whenever we speak of pious people after they have passed away, we add rahmatullahi alayh to their name). He was very well known for his knowledge, piety and good qualities. People always saw him as a man of Jannah as he had devoted himself to Allah Ta’aala.

He reached old age and passed away with the Kalimah.

Allah Ta’aala wanted to teach us a lesson of the life hereafter, so after his passing away, someone saw him in a dream. He asked Bayazeed Bustaami rahmatullahi alayh, “How was it after you passed away? How did Allah Ta’aala deal with you?”

Bayazeed Bustaami rahmatullahi alayh replied, “It was very different to what you’d imagine. When I came before Allah Ta’aala, I was asked to show what (good actions) I had brought with me. I thought of all the actions I had carried out throughout my life but none felt worthy enough to be presented before Allah Ta’aala. I was confused about what reply to give. So, with a lot of shame, I said, ‘O Allah! I have nothing to show. I have come empty-handed and can only hope for Your Mercy and Kindness.”

Allah Ta’aala in reply to this said, “You had carried out many good deeds during your life, but there was one action of yours which I loved very much and I have decided to forgive you and grant you Jannah in return for this one good action.”

What was this good action which was loved by Allah Ta’aala so much?

It was a cold winters night and Bayazeed Bustaami rahmatullahi alayh had got up to perform salah. He went to pick up a blanket to wrap around himself and found a kitten snuggled in it. Bayazeed Bustaami rahmatullahi alayh felt pity for this cat and allowed it to continue benefitting from the warmth of his blanket, while he shivered in the cold. This show of kindness and mercy towards Allah’s creation was so loved by Allah Ta’aala that Allah Ta’aala entered Bayazeed Bustaami rahmatullahi alayh in paradise for this.

After mentioning his outcome in the hereafter Bayazeed Bustaami rahmatullahi alayh said to the person who was dreaming, “I have acquired a lot of knowledge and done many good actions to please Allah Ta’aala, but the action that was chosen for me to enter Jannah was that of kindness to Allah Ta’aala’s creation.”


From this story we learn the importance of showing kindness and mercy towards all of Allah Ta’aala’s creation. If showing kindness to a cat can result in Allah Ta’aala granting Jannah then what would be the result of showing kindness to fellow humans, especially our parents, elders, teachers, relatives, brothers and sisters, friends and all members of society.

It will need some practice, especially if we are so accustomed to being rude, aggressive and inconsiderate to the feelings of others. But once we pay attention to our actions and the feelings of others it will soon become natural to us and we will Insha’Allah find the hereafter very easy.

So, the next time we want to be rude or want to hurt someone think first whether we are a gaining or losing out and then carry on.

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