Salah Activity Sheets

Salah Activity Sheets


Salah is the second pillar of Islam. Performing Salah five times a day is compulsory. We should be very punctual with Salah no matter what our age is and we should find out the times for our Salah.

A few benefits of Salah:

– Salah is a way of communicating with Allah Ta’ala.
– Salah is a way to remember Allah Ta’ala and show our gratitude to Him.
– During Sajdah we are the closest to Allah Ta’ala.
– Salah is a gift for every believer
– Salah is the key to Jannah
– Salah is the main pillar of deen.
– Salah washes away our minor sins.
– Salah is the first thing we will be asked about on the Day of Qiyamah (Judgement).


For today’s activity we have made some fun sheets for you. There is a maze, a wordsearch, Hadeeth sheets and some Salah times’ colouring sheets. Have fun and get creative!

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