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My Family Tree Activity

My Family Tree

Make a Family Tree and begin maintaining good family ties

Being kind to relatives and keeping good relations is a very emphasised part of Islam. 

“Whosever desires to have expansion in his sustenance and a prolonged life should treat his relatives with kindness.” (Bukhari & Muslim)

To help the children towards this, we have prepared this activity in which 

1) They will be required to print the family tree.

2) With the help of an adult fill in the family tree

3) Once it has been completed, parents should help the children understand the relationship. 

4) Feel free to then expand by adding other relevant family members.

5) Finally, children must now be trained and nurtured to include good relations as part of their day to day living inshaallah. 

Here are a few things you need to aim to do and not do with family:

1) Regular visits
2) Assisting them when possible 
3) Phoning regularly 
4) Exchanging gifts
5) Wherever families are not on talking terms, find a solution

1) Holding malice (ill feelings) 
2) Reminding one another of family disputes 
3) Gossip and backbiting

“Join ties with the one that cuts ties off from you, forgive the one that has oppressed you and extend good treatment to the one who has ill-treated you.” (Ahmad)


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