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Miracle of splitting a boulder

Look at how amazing our beloved Nabi ﷺ was!!

Miracle of splitting a boulder

One week before the battle of trenches, the Sahabah were tirelessly digging a long trench to protect Madinah Munawwarah from a large army of non-Muslims. Our beloved Nabi  was also digging and helping when some sahaba came and complained about a large boulder/rock which was in their way and could not be broken.

Our beloved Nabi  went to the place of this boulder and struck it three times. 

With each strike a bright light appeared. Upon the third strike, this large rock crumbled to pieces! This was incredible considering the Sahaba were strong and trained for battle and our beloved Nabi  was able to do what they could not. 

Extraordinary right?!

[This incident can be found in Saheeh Bukhaari]

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