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Make Your Own Board Game

Make Your Own Board Game

Playing board games can be really fun and a good way to connect with our friends and family!

Have you ever thought about making your very own board game..?  Now is your chance to make your own Islamic board game!


1) Get together with your family and discuss the type of board games you enjoy playing together.

2) Get inspiration from the games you enjoy and pick a topic.

3) Research your chosen Islamic topic (if required).

4) Now you are ready to have a go at making your own board game! Don’t forget to include instructions of your game And what will be needed to make the game so it can be made by others too after getting inspired by your images.

5) We’d love to see the creative work you’ve been doing! Share your amazing work with us!! All submissions must be created by you. (No people in the photos, please.) send it to us at or alternatively click the link below.


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