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Daily Lesson 183

Fun and Beneficial Facts!

Did you know? Did you know, from the 6000+ verses of the Glorious Quran the longest verse is found in the longest surah?

Yes, surah BAQARAH is the longest surah and from this Surah verse number 282 Is the longest verse in the Glorious Quran!

The salah of Imam Bukhari رحمه الله‎‎

Lived from: 194 AH (810) to 256 AH (870)

Imam Bukhari رحمه الله whose full name is Muhammad ibn Ismail al-Bukhari رحمه الله is best known for his knowledge on Hadeeth, his outstanding memory and his compilation of Saheeh al Bukhari. However, behind all of these remarkable qualities and achievements was his piety and devotion to Allah Ta’ala which can be seen from the manner of his Salaah.

Bakr ibn Munir رحمه الله said: “Muhammad ibn Ismail al- Bukhari رحمه الله was occupied in salah one night when a scorpion stung him sixteen or seventeen times. When he completed his salah, he said: ‘Check what was stinging me.’” (Siyar A’lam an-Nubala)

Regarding this incident, it is said that Imam Bukhari’s رحمه الله face did not even change in any way. He continued his salaah like normal.

Furthermore, regarding tahajjud salaah, it is recorded that no matter what the weather or where he was he would perform tahajjud salaah.

(Siyar A’lam an-Nubala)

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