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Daily Lesson 123

How to untie the knots of shaytan

Every believer wishes to please Allah Ta’ala by doing good and staying away from wrong. Shaytan on the other hand wants us to make Allah Ta’ala unhappy.

From a hadeeth of our beloved Nabi ﷺ we learn that every night while we sleep, shaytan ties 3 knots at the back of our heads. He does this so that he can take control over us the following day and make us do wrong actions.

If we leave these knots we will feel very lazy and we will get lots of thoughts to do wrong things.

If however, we do three things, we will be freed from the influence of shaytan, feel more energetic and happy and feel like doing good actions. Let’s learn how to untie and remove all of these knots one by one every morning.

Untie and remove the first knot:

When we wake up read the basic waking up dua and in addition to this, learn and read any other duas we know too. There are many duas which have a lot of benefits and should be learnt. This will remove the first knot.

Untie and remove the second knot:

After waking up, perform wudhu. We normally brush our teeth and wash our face. With this, we just have to wash our arms and legs and do masah over the head.  This will remove the second knot.

Untie and remove the third knot:

After wudhu, if it is not makrooh time, then perform 2 rak’at salah. If it’s the middle of the night, perform tahajjud, if it’s Fajr time, perform Fajr salaah, if it’s mid-morning then 2 rak’at nafl salah. This will remove the third knot.

Once all three knots have been removed we will be freed from shaytan’s control.

Remember:  Make sure you do this every day in the morning

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