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Amazing Miracle of a Tree

Look at how amazing our beloved Nabi ﷺ was!!

Amazing Miracle of a tree

Our beloved Nabi ﷺ was loved by all of Allah Ta’ala’s creation. Even objects such as trees and rocks loved and admired him.

The following incident of a tree is a perfect example of this.

In the early days of Islam, our beloved Nabi ﷺ used to deliver his Friday Khutbah (sermon) standing beside a palm tree. The companions expressed their desire that our beloved Nabi ﷺ stand on a pulpit (mimbar) to deliver his sermons. Our beloved Nabi ﷺ granted them this permission.

Jabir رضي الله عنه says that when the pulpit was ready and our beloved Nabi ﷺ climbed up the pulpit to give his first sermon, the tree began to cry like a child. Our beloved Nabi ﷺ climbed down and hugged the tree until it stopped crying and became silent. (Bukhari)

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