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Subscribe to Our WhatsApp Broadcast List

Subscribe to Our Broadcast List

Receive a daily lesson on hadeeth, sunnah, masnoon dua, lives of the great companions, miracles of our beloved Nabi ﷺ, stories and fun facts, activities and puzzles by subscribing to our broadcast list. It’s completely free and will Inshaallah prove beneficial for the entire family.

To subscribe to the Small Steps to Allah broadcast list, simply do the following:

  1. Save +44 7448 526659 to your contacts.
  1. Send [YOUR NAME] and [SUBSCRIBE] to +44 7448 526659 ( Via WhatsApp)

 That’s it you’re done!

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Once you have done this you’ll receive regular future updates from Small Steps To Allah Insha’Allah.

Please Note: to receive broadcast messages you need to save the following number to your contacts: +44 7448 526659

We have now started a broadcast list on telegram too.

If anyone wishes to join, this is the link.

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Or scan QR code:

We know many of our subscribers use social media platforms like Instagram and for this reason, we have created an account and will be posting our past lessons on Instagram.

For those of you who use Instagram join us and invite your friends and family to join too:

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We hope this will reach even more people and help them to take small steps towards Allah Ta’ala.

We request your duas and continued support to help our deeni messages reach far and wide and most importantly with acceptance from Allah Ta’ala.

Jazākallāhu Khayrān for your cooperation 

Small Steps to Allah

Taking small steps together to please Allah