Etiquettes of Salaam

Etiquettes of Salaam

Some guidelines and etiquettes related to salaam:

1. Make an effort to be the first to say salaam. Do not wait for others to give salaam.

2. Greet with salaam frequently. Say salaam every time you meet someone!

3. Correct your salaam by getting its pronunciation right.

4. Say salaam to everyone, be they younger or older than us.

5. If someone greets us with salaam reply to their salaam immediately.

6. Make an effort to say and reply with the full salaam as there are more rewards.

7. If someone is busy talking to someone, or busy in ibadat (worship) or studying and saying salaam will cause them inconvenience or disturb them then do not say salaam.

8. Greeting with salaam and shaking hands are two separate sunnah and should both be followed for greater reward.


Etiquettes of Salaam

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