Etiquettes of Making Du’a

Etiquettes of Making Du’a

1) Begin the Du’a by praising Allah Ta’ala as He deserves to be praised.

2) Thereafter send blessings upon our beloved Nabi ﷺ (Read Durood/Salat and Salam).

3) Face the Qibla and make Du’a.

4) When asking from Allah Ta’ala have full belief that He will respond and accept our Du’a.

5) Raise the hands up to the chest with palms facing up. The hands should not be too far apart or too tightly together.

6) Ask for good things and do not ask for bad or sinful things.

7) Keep asking whether you see your Du’a being accepted and remain patient and wait for Allah Ta’ala to respond.

8) Ask using the al-Asma’ul Husna (The Beautiful Names of Allah Ta’ala).

9) Be humble and think of one’s self as being unworthy.

10) Repeat each Du’a three times. Be pure from sin and begin Du’a by asking forgiveness from sin.

11) Never lose hope in the Mercy of Allah Ta’ala.

12) Make Du’a after completing acts of worship as they attract the Mercy of Allah Ta’ala more.

13) Ask others to make Du’a for us and make Du’a for others too.


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