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Fun and Beneficial Facts!

Did you know? Allah ta’aala granted individuals Jannah for feeding and quenching the thirst of animals?! Not only this, from a hadeeth we learn that when a person plants a tree and a bird or animal eats from it, this is a form of charity? Amazing right?

Feeding others and sharing food with others

When we have food in our home (which we almost always do), or while we are eating something (even something like a packet of crisps or sweets), a good action to practice is to think of others and share that food with them.

This action is so highly recommended that our beloved Nabi ﷺ advised:

“When you cook broth (soup or curry) add more water (to increase its quantity) and give some to your neighbour.” [Ibn Majah]

This hadeeth teaches us some very simple lessons about sharing:

  1. Think of others and not just yourself
  2. Look for ways to share food
  3. Look out for one another
  4. Look for opportunities to feed people
  5. Do not only share food items when you cook something ‘special’, any food item, as simple as it maybe can be shared.
  6. Look out especially for those who are poor, elderly and/or live alone
  7. Make a habit of taking people home for food.
  8. While eating or preparing food be alert of those around us and look for ways to share

Above all by sharing food and feeding others:

  • Our greed and selfishness decreases
  • Feelings for others increases
  • Love and affection for one another grows in the hearts
  • The doors of rizq (sustenance) from Allah Ta’aala opens wider for us
  • We will build a society where people are always looking out for one another.
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