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The Story of Sayyiduna Easaa alayhis salam

Part 1

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By Shaykh Mawlana

Muhammad Saleem Dhorat 


Audio Narration by

Mawlana Abu Khalid

The Birth of Sayyidah Maryam عليها السلام

Many years ago, within the community of the Israelites, there lived a very pious and religious saint. His name was Sayyidunā ‘Imran رضي الله عنه and he had a wife called Sayyidah Hannah رضي الله عنها. They were both well respected amongst the people.


However, to their sorrow, they had no children of their own. Sayyidah Hannah رضي الله عنها longed very much for a child. She would regularly make du‘ā and ask Allāh Ta’ala to grant her a pious child. Allāh Ta’ala the All-Merciful, answers the prayers of those who ask from Him.


Her prayer was also answered and within a few days she was expecting a child. Overcome with joy and happiness, she made a promise to Allāh Ta’ala that the child would be given over for the service of the blessed Masjid in Al-Quds (Jerusalem), Al-Masjidul Aqsā. In those days, people would give their sons over for the service of the Masjid. Sayyidunā ‘Imran رضي الله عنه died just before his wife was due to give birth to their first child. Soon after, Sayyidah Hannah رضي الله عنها gave birth to a girl whom she named Maryam عليها السلام (Mary).


On seeing the baby girl, Sayyidah Hannah رضي الله عنها was sad as she thought she would not be able to fulfil her promise. However, Sayyidah Hannah رضي الله عنها did not know that this girl was special, as Allāh Ta’ala was going to bless her and grant her respect and honour.


Sayyidah Hannah رضي الله عنها looked after the newly born child until she began eating food. Thereafter, she handed the young child over to the khādims who looked after Al-Masjidul Aqsā.



The Upbringing of Sayyidah Maryam عليها السلام

When Sayyidah Maryam عليها السلام was brought to Al-Masjidul Aqsā, each of the khādims wanted the honour of looking after her, as she was the child of Sayyidunā ‘Imran رضي الله عنه. They discussed amongst themselves as to who should be given the honour. Sayyidunā Zakariyya عليه السلام was the head of the khādims and also the Prophet of Allāh Ta’ala.


He insisted that, since his wife was the aunt of Sayyidah Maryam عليها السلام, he had more right to look after her. After much discussion, they could not agree. Finally, to put an end to the disagreement, Allāh Ta’ala instructed the khādims to go to a river with their pens.


They used these pens to copy the Tawrāt, the book revealed to Sayyidunā Mūsā عليه السلام. On reaching the river each khādim was to throw his pen into the water.


The person whose pen went against the flow of the river would be the guardian of the child. This was to be a miracle from Allāh Ta’ala to show whom He had chosen to be the guardian of Sayyidah Maryam عليها السلام. The khādims followed the instruction of Allāh Ta’ala.


The pen of Sayyidunā Zakariyyā عليه السلام went against the flow of the river. Sayyidunā Zakariyya عليه السلام became the guardian of Sayyidah Maryam عليها السلام and she went to live with her aunt and Sayyidunā Zakariyyā عليه السلام. Sayyidah Maryam عليها السلام  grew up to be very pious and religious. Sayyidunā Zakariyyā عليه السلام gave her a special room which was connected to the Masjid. She would worship Allāh Ta’ala and read the Tawrāt there all day long.


At night, she would return to her aunt Sayyidah Īshā with Sayyidunā Zakariyyā عليه السلام. Whenever Sayyidunā Zakariyyā عليه السلام visited her during the day, he found with her food and drink and fresh fruits which were out of season. Puzzled and curious, he asked her, “Maryam, from where did you get these fruits?” “From Allah,” she answered.



The Birth of Sayyidunā Yahyā عليه السلام

When Sayyidunā Zakariyyā عليه السلام saw this miracle, he thought, “If Almighty Allāh Ta’ala can provide fruits out of season for Maryam عليها السلام, can He not bless me and my wife with a child in our old age?” Thus, he eagerly prayed to Allāh Ta’ala, “O my Lord, give me a pious child.”


Allāh Ta’ala sent angels to him with good news of a pious son. They said, “Allāh has accepted your prayer and He gives you good news of a son. His name will be Yahyā. He will be noble and pious. He will be a Prophet of Allāh Ta’ala.”


Sayyidunā Zakariyyā عليه السلام said, “O my Rabb, how can we have a son? I am very old and my wife cannot have children.”


Allāh Ta’ala said, “It is easy for me. I do whatever I want.”


Thus, Allāh Ta’ala granted Sayyidunā Zakariyyā عليه السلام a child in his old age and Sayyidunā Yahyā عليه السلام, cousin of Sayyidah Maryam عليها السلام, was born.



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